The Belgian-Romanian Project

We gaan jullie missen

Here we are, back to our ordinary lives, preoccupied by everyday activities that we were used to doing before this experience took place. First of all, I want to make a short presentation of the school exchange between National College “Unirea” from Braşov and Onze Lieve Vrouwecollege from Oostende. This project implied 3 Romanian teachers: Mrs Magda Luca, Mr Laurenţiu Luca and Mr Ioan Halmaghi, 2 Belgian teachers: Mr Willem-Frederick Dorchain and Mr Bart Broidioi. There were 21 students from each country involved. The students had to prepare some projects in order to get to know each country better. The topics were varied, such as: history, geography, culture, social sciences etc.

I think I am not the only one who thinks that this experiences was a great success, because not only did we manage to collaborate so well, but our projects were also absolutely fantastic (or at least this is what the teachers and parents thought), but we also created friendships, we felt a connection and we enjoyed every moment spent together.

Besides the activities that had already been prepared before the arrival, for example the trip to the City Hall, to Bran, to the Prejmer Citadel, to Poiana Braşov, and of course the charity actions made by the Belgians for the Romanian children from orphanage and for the older persons, we, the students, made sure that we had something prepared for every evening in order for them to be entertained.

We took them to different pubs, to bowling, table tennis, shopping and karaoke and dance night. One evening we organized a barbecue at one of the Romanian students’ house, which was relaxing and great fun. We are proud of our work, we do believe it was worth the effort. As I said in the title we will miss our Belgian friends, we actually started missing them from the moment they left. – Adina Chiş, XI B

<<Recently, I had the chance of spending time with English speakers from Belgium. It was most definitely one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever lived. Sharing thoughts, ideas, knowledge about other country I’ve never visited before was better than a fairytale. I met an extraordinary pupil, Eline, who made me change my beliefs regarding racism, drastic punishments admitted by the legal system, the idea of helping unfortunate people and the love shared by two persons of the same gender (as in their country gay marriages have been legalized since 2003). They came here with the idea of Romania being the twin country of some African state, or at least related to it. I can’t hide my pride that we (the Romanian students) have succeeded in changing their opinions about it. Hosting a foreign student for a week not only made me see the importance of loving my country as it is and moreover learning other languages, but hopefully I’ve gained a new friend.>> – Miruna Plosceanu, XI B

<> – Miruna Paiuc, XI B

Proiectul C.N.”Unirea” Braşov, România – Liceul OLV Ooestend, Belgia (6 – 8.05.2014)

TEMA : Sociologia religiei

Subteme :

1. Relaţia stat-biserică

2. Relaţia biserică-educaţie

3. Influenţa religiei în viaţa umană

4. Descrierea celor mai importante religii

5. Provocări pentru bisericile tradiţionale

6. Structura / ierarhia bisericilor

7. Toleranţă şi intoleranţă religioase


1. C.N.”Unirea” Braşov, România

Profesori: Luca Magda

Luca Laurenţiu

Elevi: 31 (din clasele : IX B, X C, XI A, XI B, XI D, XII A, XII B, XII D )

2. Liceul OLV Ooestend, Belgia

Profesori : Bart Broidioi

Willem-Frederik Dorchain

Elevi : 24